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Our Farm is located just 20 minutes from the Iconic Bribie Island which is about 50 minutes from the Brisbane CBD

Queensland Farm Management and Training is an Australian owned and operated Government licensed labor hire provider which represents the Largest Strawberry farm in Queensland

We have over 5.2 Million Strawberry Plants in the ground and harvest strawberries between the months of June till November and Raspberries and Blackberries between October – June making us a 12 months of the year operation.

Our Organization employs over 600 personnel at any given time and each and every day we harvest over 30,000 – 50,000 kilograms of strawberries.

We believe in total honesty and transparency with regards to what work is on offer.

About the Work

Strawberry Picking is all on Piece-rate and is calculated on trays or Kilograms picked, there are no hourly positions for Strawberry picking. We work long hours usually starting work at 6:30 Am and most days we try to finish around 2-3 Pm but can go longer during the peak season.

Strawberry picking is not for everyone and it does take at least two weeks to master. The first week you will be in for a shock as your income will be low as you learn what berries to pick and what not to and also getting comfortable in a picking trolley

Most people that can get past the first week can go on to see their pay packet jump every week, however, in all honesty, a lot of people work one or two days and just give up and presume that you can not make money on a Piece rate

We take great pride in setting piece rates that are in accordance with fair work standards, our top pickers are earning well over $ 45.00 Per hour however these are seasoned pickers and it is not expected that beginners will earn these sort our rates.

I guess the question is what can you earn?

This is the million-dollar question, in my experience the first week on piece rate you will struggle to earn good money, this is the reality and as I said previously we believe in being upfront and honest, in my experience I have seen people earn as little as $ 15 hour their first week then hit $ 20 the next then be floating around the $ 25.00 per hour mark., We certainly have the fruit set to enable you to achieve this but it all comes down to hard work and determination, listening to your supervisors and being willing to learn

If you are just looking for an easy way to do your 88 days then Strawberry picking is not for you and neither is our company, we are well aware that all backpackers sole motivation is to complete their 88 days however we run a business and want our workers to come to work with a mindset that they want to give 100% with the amount of fruit that we need to pick I can not have people taking up a picking trolley if their motivation is not to do their best.

We do have hourly jobs on the farm lots of them in fact however everybody on my farm starts at the bottom,  we employ throughout team people that are dedicated are rewarded with those positions I Do not offer these positions to people that just start as I believe these positions need to be earned and I believe it would not be fair to offer these to people before I offer them to the people that are already doing the hard work on Piece rate.

In all honesty, we try to make your farm work a rewarding experience whereby we get the job done and try our best to have fun doing it

Strawberry Picking can be a boring job at times being in a trolley all day, however, it is what it is and the rewards are there for people that are prepared to work hard.

It is not uncommon for people to earn over $ 1500.00 per week and that is one they have their groove and are determined.

Our Season is at its peak by the end of next week and the peak high season will last 8 weeks

we are chasing about 40 more pickers to add to our team

We have accommodation on site which is twin share for $ 130.00 Per week and included in this is two shopping trips a week each Monday and Thursday

At the end of the day, we tell it like it is, we are straight up and I hope you can appreciate our transparency

What we do provide is a fun, and respectful avenue for you to achieve your 88 days quickly and effectively

100% of workers that have submitted their 88 days have been approved due to our paperwork and assistance we know that your goal and we ensure everything is in order for you to achieve that

If after you have read this you are still interested the next phase is to arrange a face to face interview either in our office located at 1/1 lear jet drive Caboolture or over Skype if you are interstate

We can then get the ball rolling to get you inducted trained and started as a strawberry Picker

I hope this provides you some useful information on the Job at hand

You will never be able to retire a millionaire as a Strawberry Picker but you will have a bundle of laughs meet great people and work with a company that takes pride in respecting their workforce